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Wig & Hair Care FAQ

How often should I wash my wig?
this depends on how often you wear your unit and your activity level. If you wear your unit daily I recommend washing it every 2-4 weeks. Generally you can tell when your wig needs a little refresh but don’t forget that excessive washing can dry your unit out prematurely.

What products should I use on my wig?
Any high quality shampoo / conditioner from a hairdressers will work! If you are on a budget then make sure to get mild, sulphate free products, but remember to treat your hair piece as an investment. Using high quality products will ensure your hair pieces longevity.
A moisturising / hydrating treatment after washing is recommended. Protein treatments are not recommended and I advise avoiding opalex altogether. 
ALWAYS use a heat protectant that closes the cuticles, this will ensure your wigs longevity and achieve a beautiful sleek finish after styling. Remember to keep treatments to the end of the hair and never apply it near the cap / lace.

How do I wash my wig? 
Shampoo: If possible, separate the colours on your wig before washing. Use cold, COLD, COLD water (as cold as possible) and gently run the shampoo through your wig or extensions. Do not rub or scrub. Rinse out the shampoo thoroughly, the higher water pressure the better.
Conditioner: Gently run the conditioner through your wig, keeping it mostly to the ends of the hair. Make sure to keep conditioner away from any lace in the cap as it can cause the knots on the lace to loosen & slip out over time.
Treatment: Apply a moisturising / hydrating treatment and leave in for as long as you desire. Avoid combing the hair while it's wet. 

How should I dry my wig? 
It is recommended that you air-dry your wig by simply laying it on a clean towel or using a wig hanger available here (don’t forget to place a towel underneath!). It's not recommended that you dry your wig on a canvas mannequin head as it can stretch out the lace. Of course you can blow-dry your wig if needed but, as mentioned above, please use a heat protectant. Once dry, use a wide tooth comb starting from the bottom up to carefully detangle your unit. Do not pull or tug on any tangles. 

How should I store my wig?
While you're not wearing your wig its recommended to store it on a wig hanger available here. You can also use the satin bag that your wig arrives in if you do not have a hanger. Do not store your wig in direct sunlight. 

What the best way to style my wig? 
You can style your wig while its on your head or, a much easier option, is to use a canvas mannequin head available here. Always use a low heat setting when styling or blow-drying, and a good heat protectant. Please see my instagram for styling tutorials and tips.

What's the best wig for beginners?
Although all of my wigs are easy to use, the most beginner friendly are my Headband Wigs available here. You don’t need any wig knowledge or experience, plus they take seconds to put on and require minimal effort. 

How do I measure my cap size? 
Each listing has the cap size & measurements for the wig. Make sure your hair is pinned up or in a wig cap (as if you were ready to actually put on your wig) before you measure. This will make your sizing more accurate. It’s not essential that your measurements are exact as the caps are stretchy and can also be tightened. If your measurements are noticeably different, contact me and we can make your wig in a more suitable size!

What is the best way to wear / install my wig? 
Although all of my wigs can be worn glueless I recommend using glue, tape or adhesive to achieve a fully natural look. 
I strongly recommend using the Wig Fix available here (use LIZZLOX10 @ checkout) if you want wear your wig glueless as it will give you the security you need without adhesive. 
For a temporary hold I recommend using Got2Be freeze spray. For a tutorial on how to install your wig using freeze spray TAP HERE. This is a great product if you want to remove your wig at the end of the day, simply use water for removal.
For a strong hold I recommend using bold hold active. For a tutorial on how to install your wig with glue TAP HERE. This glue can last weeks (6 weeks maximum) so is great for a permanent install and will require alcohol for removal.

What about my extensions & hair toppers?
You can use the above mentioned care instructions on your extensions and hair toppers also.

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