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General Info

Last Updated 10 November, 2023

THE HAIR - Lizzi’s Lox prides itself on being an ethical and cruelty free business. Ethically sourced hair was not always my priority, especially when I was starting Lizzis Lox. All I wanted was to provide quality hair at affordable prices. As I learned more about the dark side of the hair industry, it because extremely important to me that I knew exactly where the hair used for my wigs and extensions was sourced. When I started Lizzi’s Lox, my vision was to provide high quality, affordable wigs. However, as I educated myself, it became clear to me that ethically sourced hair is not cheap. Raising my prices became unavoidable. The hair used for my wigs and extensions is sourced from India. India is one the most sustainable global sources due to its large population. The hair itself is purchased from temples in which women often shave their heads for religious purposes. If for whatever reason, the donor is not paid directly, a donation is made to the temple.

The hair is 100% REMY Human Hair. REMY means that the hair cuticles all fall the same way, as your own hair does. This makes for minimal tangling and a much smoother feel. As all products are 100% human hair, you can dye and heat style it as you would your own hair.

DENSITY - The average human head is considered to be between 100% & 130% density. Please check each items description for its density. Lizzis Lox units are between 150% and 180%.

CAP CONSTRUCTION - Please check each items description for details on their cap construction.
The Lizzi’s Lox wigs that feature lace around the hairline ensure a natural look that blends into your skin. They also feature elastic to tighten your wig and combs to help secure your wig.
"Silk" based wigs are vegan & cruelty free. They made with PU (vegan leather) to create a “fake scalp” look.

CAP SIZES - Lizzi’s Lox wigs are generally medium size, however you can request other sizes by contacting me directly. Wig caps are stretchy, and can be tightened by using the adjustable strap. You can find the specific cap measurements in each items description however it's not guaranteed that your wig will be a perfect fit due to them being hand made. The measurements provided may vary very slightly from wig to wig.
Although these wigs can be worn glueless it is recommended that you use glue, tape or an adhesive for a completely natural look and hairline. The lace on your wig may stretch or change over time, especially if it is used regularly, so it is recommended that you familiarise yourself with how to use adhesive. For more info on different install options tap here

THE DYE - There is no excuse, in this day and age, not to use cruelty-free products. All dyes and hair products used on my products are vegan and cruelty free.

THE PACKAGING - All packaging is vegan and bio-degradable, excluding the satin bag used to store and protect your hair products. I opted for satin as it is durable, long-lasting, vegan and can be recycled. I use minimal packaging to avoid waste and to keep costs as low as possible.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS - All Wigs, extensions & hairpieces come with care instructions to help you look after our products, but please TAP HERE for more detailed hair care info!

If you have any more questions please contact me!

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