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Covid-19 UPDATE

Contravirus info & update - January 2021

Due to the virus some items will take longer to arrive to you. Although I try to keep as much in stock as possible, I work from home and there is limited space. I currently have a small amount of clip-in extensions, pony tail extensions & hair toppers in stock. I will ship your order in 1-2 business days, but unfortunately I’m unable to give anyone an accurate ETA right now. Please check the tracking number to keep an eye on your items progress.

There are also shortages at the warehouse which means there are limited wig stock. Until further notice, blank wigs will no longer be available. I am so sorry about this and I am working on getting them back in stock ASAP!

There are many shipping delays around the world, so please keep this in mind while you patiently wait for your order 🙏

Lastly, it’s really important during this time to keep supporting small & local businesses. We are the some of the people who will be hit the hardest by this virus! Thanks for understanding & supporting small businesses during this time!