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Contravirus info & updates 22-03-2020

Due to the virus some items will take longer to arrive to you. I don’t keep all the items I sell in stock, some of them live at my warehouse (I work from home & there’s just not enough room for me to keep everything here!). This means certain items won’t ship to you straight away. Generally I have these items sent to me as you guys order them which usually takes 1-2 weeks, but at the moment it’s taking much longer for them to arrive to me!

Items affected are clip-in extensions, small & large cap blank wigs, pony tail extensions, clip-in Bangs & Hair toppers. You are always welcome to continue to purchase these items. You will still receive them eventually, however I’m unable to give anyone an accurate ETA right now.

There are also many shipping delays around the world, so please keep this in mind while you patiently wait for your order 🙏

All ready to ship wigs & medium cap wigs will still be sent weekly for the foreseeable future while my state is in lockdown. Although these items will be sent your way ASAP, shipping times  may still be affected depending on where you live. Please check the tracking number to keep an eye on your items progress.

You have 0% chance of catching the virus from the contents of your package. Not only am I a complete introvert, but I practice social distancing daily 😂 Furthermore, The virus is unable to survive longer than a few hours on a non-living host as it will dry out & die (24hrs on cardboard). I do suggest when you receive your package to take your items out of the box, throw away the box as soon as you receive it & wash your hands straight away. I recommend doing that with all of your mail as you’re more likely to catch the virus from your local postie than the contents of the box.

Lastly, it’s really important during this time to keep supporting small & local businesses. We are the some of the people who will be hit the hardest by this virus! As a thank you, everyone who orders from the April / Easter collection will receive a FREE silk bag and small gift 💜

Thanks for understanding & supporting small businesses during this time!